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Fairies and elfs

We find them in our favorite stories - Peter Pan, The Lord of the Rings, The Mistress of Evil, WINXS, Eragon, The Secret of Artemis Foul. We like them, we remember them and we look for them in our following  books, movies, works of art.
Why are Fairies and Elfs among our favorite characters?
The image of the fairy combines several themes close to each of us
-the theme of femininity, of the eternal feminine beauty, of the fine and delicate feminine essence
-the theme of nature as a source of harmony, meaning and eternity
- the topic of fairy tales, magic and the supernatural - which we desperately look for in our daily lives, all young and elder children.
Fairies are not only gentle and ethereal, but often show impermanence, naughtiness, waywardness, which makes them fun, interesting and unpredictable. They often become loyal to our favorite characters, accompany them during their adventure and help them with their magical powers. They lead a hidden life, do not demonstrate their abilities, but do not remain indifferent and help the people they like. They show their waywardness and unpredictability to strangers and rude individuals. They make gifts to the newcomers, gifts treasures as a symbol of wisdom, punishes the evil ones.
People make fairies the heroes of many legends, tales and works of art and have been an integral part of the romantic world of the men for centuries.
How do they look?
Fairies are depicted as beautiful female forest spirits with a fully human appearance. They usually have wings and give off a soft glow. They are described as small and beautiful creatures. They are eternally young, unearthly beautiful, with long hair and a magical look that makes you dizzy. They are dressed in long dresses in delicate, pale colors that emphasize their supernatural nature.
The colors typical of the clothing of forest fairies are the earth colors - brown, green, beige - which emphasize their connection with nature and their habitat - the forest. We embody them with natural forces, folk knowledge and wisdom, power.


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03 юли 2020

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