Visit the Transfiguration class and we will transform you into your favorite charĐ°cter from film, book, legend or fairy tale :)

We produce masquerade costumes, carnival costumes, cosplay costumes or hystorical costumes. We are not only trying to recreate the roles, but the material and the silhouette to emphasize the strong points of the body. Dress yourself like a lady from the royal court of the Tudors, like a mythical creature, fairy or an Evil queen, we will do the costume for you as you like it. We can do dresses or costumes with corcette (bustier), tulle skirts, kimono type of costumes, cape with or without a hood, dresses and skirt for character dances (spanish flamenco, hungarian, gypsy). We make in short time costumes for cosplay events, masquerade costumes for Halloween, carnival costumes, costumes for themed parties.


Choose your costume from our catalogue or send us photo of your hero and we will send you our offer.


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